Dreams again

Last night, again, was split into two dream-periods, so to speak.  The first dream, a long and strange plot, that ended with me being on foot, lost in a bad neighborhood at night.  I had parked my car somewhere, and I couldn’t find it back.  I was walking through what appeared to be a big fight about to start between two groups of teenagers, and I finally found the street that I had parked on.  The thing is, my car was parked on the other side of the street from where I left it, and the driver’s side door was not latched shut.  Someone had stolen my car and driven it.  I got in, stirred the casserole that was in the crock pot in the back seat (I told you it was a strange one!), and started the car.  Then I realized that I had no idea how to get back to the interstate from this neighborhood.  That’s when I woke up.


More Dreams


Last night I dreamed that Travis (the band) made me their drummer.  It was a spur of the moment thing, and I had time to listen to one song before we took the stage, so I totally had to wing it.  And in my dream, I knew as much about playing drums as I do in real life…a substantial amount in theory, but very little in practice.  It was a very, very scary dream. 

(Don’t laugh…you weren’t there…)  🙂


Then I got up in the wee hours to take some friends to the airport, and I got home at 5:00 a.m. and decided to lay down for another “nap” before I had to get ready for the day.  And in that portion of sleep, I dreamed another anxiety-ridden dream, the plot of which I can’t remember, even though the emotion is still with me.  Perhaps I owned a clothing store?…I don’t remember.


Please, please, please, when can I have a night of sleep with good dreams?  Or no dreams?  (Ha!)  I always dream, and I always have dreams with the strangest plots.  But most of the time, they are good.  These dreams with anxiety-ridden emotions attached to them are the ones that make me feel like I wasn’t really sleeping.  I know I have this backward, but it feels like all the dreams are the cause of my anxiety. 


I just walked the dog a little while ago, and the moon was full and bright, and the crickets and locusts were really singing.  There are CDs available of “white noise,” to help you sleep.  They sound like a shower, or the ocean, or what have you.  The sound that would be most effective for me would be a CD full of crickets and locusts, maybe breeze through the trees.  I know why, of course…Those are the sounds I have slept to since I was born.  No air conditioner, therefore all the windows were always open during the spring, summer, and fall.  Locusts singing is the most peaceful sound I can think of, no lie.  Even in the winter, if I think of that sound, I automatically relax and breathe.  So I’m holding that sound in my mind, not to be displaced by the dishwasher, the central air, or the traffic.  Maybe I can get a peaceful night of sleep tonight.

Dream Dictionary

So I googled “dream dictionary” and decided to find out what those crazy dreams meant!  I looked for the words earthquake, concert, famous people, lost.

Earthquake: To dream of an earthquake, suggests that you are experiencing a major “shake-up” that is threatening your stability and foundation. The dream highlights your insecurity, fears and sense of helplessness. Is there something in your life that you feel at “fault” for?

Loss of control, or fear of losing control. Afraid of being negatively affected by external circumstances. Feeling like you’re “on shaky ground” somehow. Experiencing a shake-up in your life, such as in your beliefs, finances, relationship, job, routine, etc.

Concert: To dream that you are at a concert, represents harmony and cooperation in a situation or relationship in your waking life. You are experiencing an uplift in your spirits.

A stage or movie screen can represent a setting where life events take place.

Watching events on a stage can indicate a feeling of being a passive observer in life, rather than a participant.

Being on stage can represent a feeling of self-consciousness, being observed, or being especially concerned about others’ opinions about you.

Famous people: To see famous people in your dream, signifies an increase to your prosperity and honor.

To dream of celebrities shows that you are letting too much pomp and circumstance convince you to act certain ways that are against your better nature, this could be to your downfall in the area of the heart.

Dreaming that you are talking to a celebrity or that you are friends with a celebrity can mean that your subconscious mind considers that person a friend because you “interact” with them often, or like to “interact” with them by watching them in the media. (The subconscious mind may not see much difference between a seeing a person in the media and talking to them in person.)

Lost:  To dream that someone else is lost, represents unresolved issues or feelings regarding the person that is lost. Consider also what aspect of that person you may have lost within your own self. Perhaps you need to recapture and re-acknowledge those aspects.

Discovering that someone is missing can mean:

  • You feel you’ve been overlooking or taking that person for granted lately
  • You’re exploring your feelings about how much that person means to you
  • Your subconscious is playing out an imaginary worst-case scenario
  • You feel you haven’t been focusing enough lately on what that person represents (fun, spirituality, being organized, etc.)

They all seem to contradict each other a little bit.  Besides, I don’t think dreams can predict the future or anything, but I do buy into the idea that dreams might carry messages about the way we are feeling.  It might be fun to look at a dream dictionary, but a dream dictionary can’t know what the images or symbols mean to me, before I dreamed about them.  Like, if an earthquake means something in a dream, but I experienced an earthquake last week, or I have a long-standing fear of earthquakes, then an earthquake might not mean that in my dream.

So here are my thoughts.  The earthquake, the splitting of the continent…I don’t like being separated from people I care about.  The earthquake put me on a different continent from my family.  Suddenly I couldn’t go to them and they couldn’t come to me.  I can’t tell you the specifics, but that makes perfect sense with a couple of things I’ve been thinking about lately.  And the concert…I really don’t know.  What I wouldn’t give to be so close to the action at a Matchbox Twenty concert, or any other concert for that matter.  And I could talk to one songwriter about music, Rob Thomas would be it.  But…where did this dream come from?  Strange.  I really don’t think it means anything, though.  Just noise from the brain, you know?


Two Crazy Dreams


I’m not feeling the best this weekend, so last night it was pretty early when I decided I just couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.  I turned off my light at 10:26!  I think it was worth it, because I’m feeling a little better today, but the “feeling better” and “feeling worse” seem to be coming and going regularly with this cold.

Anyway, thanks to my long hours of sleep last night, I have two crazy dreams that I’m remembering today!

The first, I dreamed there was some sort of massive earthquake, and the continents of the earth shifted.  North America split into three separate continents, and one was pretty much fine, the second completely sunk into the ocean, and the third kept getting smaller and smaller because pieces of it kept breaking off and slipping into the ocean.  The one that was fine included my siblings and my mom, and the one that kept breaking was where I lived.  But my dad was driving his truck somewhere on the one that sunk into the ocean, and no one ever found him.  And on my continent, people’s houses kept sinking into the ocean, so rescuers would dig and dig to try to save the people, but they could never find the people when they were digging.  It was awful and sad, and very, very weird!  What do you think that means?  Is there some significance to the fact that my continent kept breaking, and losing people, and getting smaller?

So I woke up around 4:00 a.m. from this dream, and eventually fell back asleep.  Thus began the second dream.  Matchbox Twenty was coming to the Rec Center in my hometown, and I had volunteered to help out backstage at the show.  So I showed up, and helped set up the stage, and then there was nothing to do during the concert so I got to just sit off the side of the stage and watch.  In the middle of the show, one of the band members had a fit about his guitar not being where he wanted it, and the other members of the band just walked off the stage to wait until he cooled off.  And the audience just sat and watched him get all mad, and eventually he walked off the stage.  So the rest of the band came back, and continued to play.  Eventually, the pissed off guy came back and joined them again.  After the concert was over, it was my job to find Rob Thomas and show him where the food was.  So Rob Thomas and I just hung out onstage, talking about music and whatnot, while he packed up his stuff.  Then my friend Tiff (someone I know in real life) came and said the pissed off guy wouldn’t come and eat, because he was too busy talking to the audience.  Then Tiff and I took Rob Thomas upstairs somewhere where the food was, and we got to sit and eat with the band before they got on their bus and left.

What do you think?  Those are some strange dreams.  I don’t know what in real life would have triggered them.  I wasn’t thinking about earthquakes or the Rec Center or Matchbox Twenty in the past few days…I didn’t eat anything strange before bed…Does sickness make you have weird dreams?…  I know that dreaming is good, because it means you’ve reached the deepest stage of sleep, but I wake up feeling like I battled earthquakes and diva guitar players all night, instead of sleeping!  I also wonder about the passage of time in dreams.  Does a dream take time?  Or is it momentary?  The Matchbox Twenty dream felt like it took an hour or two.  So, since I fell asleep sometime after 4:00, and woke up around 7:30, does that mean that I spent most of that time dreaming?  Or did I spend most of that time falling through the sleep stages to reach the dreaming state, and only dream for a few minutes, or even just a moment?  And why do I always have to have such weird dreams???  Can’t I dream about laying on a warm beach?  Or sitting in a hot tub?  Something that will make me wake up feeling rested?  And is there anything to make a dream significant or not?  Are there any messages to be heard from these dreams?