une mere belle francaise (a beautiful french mama)

“I stumbled upon this picture…”  Here’s what that really means, in this case:

A Facebook friend linked to this post by Christine about how much TV sucks.

I loved it, so I started poking around Christine’s blog.

I found that she has a whole series of posts that are simply photos of beautiful mamas feeding their beautiful babies.

One of them was the picture you see above, which was from Life.  The description reads:  “French woman nursing her baby whose father is an American GI, April 1946.”  Gorgeous, right?  **Sigh**…those French women.  Always with the lipstick and the shoes and the joie de vivre and the “I can handle anything with grace and style” look in their eyes.  Even a single mother in 1946.


DPP 12/5/2009

DPP 12/4/2009

Another (slightly) old picture, from November 13th.  An example of my sister’s mad organizational skills!  Everything had sticky notes: Reception, Ceremony, etc., to remind us where to bring each package.  The sticky note in the phot reads: “Reception– To be used on head table, I think.”  🙂

DPP 12/3/2009

Fun at the Omaha Children’s Museum!

DPP 12/2/2009

Another old picture…one perfect ringlet from my curly days of summer!

DPP 12/1/2009

A memory of a former life…a life of building blocks and legos…a life of playing in water tables…a life of swinging…a life of writing notes to the zoo…a life where my job revolved around grasping teachable moments as they passed…

(I’m not quite following the rules…Today I’m using a picture from awhile ago, as I didn’t take any pictures today.  I’ll try to follow the rules for the next 24 days, I promise.)

December Photo Project

…just because it looks like something fun to do with my blog!  🙂

More information about December Photo Project here.

So, expect a new photo each day.  I am NO expert, of course, and I don’t have an awesome top-of-the-line digital camera, but still…FUN!

Check back for the first photo momentarily!

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