Liner notes

I read in my July issue of Spin that this era is the death of the cd.  People are buying music via online downloads, and soon the cd will be obsolete.  That’s fine.  Less plastic, less paper, less packaging.  But for now, I will keep buying cds for several reasons.  I need cds for my car, until I get one of those systems that you can plug your mp3 player into.  It takes about 30 seconds to transfer the music onto my computer, then I can put it on my mp3 player if I want.  I like the artwork.  I enjoy reading the lyrics.

But the biggest reason I prefer cds over downloads is the liner notes!  I love reading what the artist said, who they thanked, all the people whose work contributed to the album.  Two of my favorite quotes from liner notes, both the last line of the thank yous:

If you’re reading this with an instrument in your lap – get to work, and deep in it.  We all need you.

–John Mayer, Continuum

…and of course God who has blessed me with the path He has chosen for me…

–Vanessa Hudgens, Identified

I would first like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Your love and mercy surpasses all understanding…

–Nick Jonas, Who I Am

I am delivering these songs to you with the hope that you always remember your life is the song that you sing, and the whole world is listening…you’ve got something to say!

–Matthew West, Something to Say

Matchbox Twenty realizes its full potential when exposed to fresh air and natural sunlight.  Rotate periodically for optimum growth.

–Matchbox Twenty, More Than You Think You Are