DPP 2012 — Family Christmas

December 23rd… Winter morning in the country

2012-12-23 07.33.12

December 24th…  Family Dinner

2012-12-23 19.39.24

December 25th…  Auntie Megan

2012-12-25 10.51.37

And some bonus pictures because I skipped a few days  🙂

December 26th…  Auntie Megan, Pal’s favorite person!

2012-12-26 10.06.26

December 26th…  Sushi

2012-12-26 14.10.18

December 30th…  Finishing one borrowed book so I can start another, Christmas-gifted, series without getting mixed up!  My sis-in-law Alise has the BEST book recommendations!!!

2012-12-30 11.49.20


DPP 2012 — Gifts — Bag of Tasks — Bubbles

December 18th…

2012-12-19 09.12.51

Happy birthday to me…again!  A friend gave me a Starbucks gift card (since I requested NO presents!), and I’m so glad he did!  The gift is from a student.  They are all so excited for Friday, because I refuse to open any gifts until then.

December 19th…

2012-12-19 18.56.07

This bag will NOT be opened unless there is a snow day.  Or maybe two.  (And there was one snow day, so I opened the bag to do exactly one mundane task…everything else will stay in the bag until December 27th or so!)

December 20th…

2012-12-20 21.19.58

They take the test, but I fill out all the bubble sheets.  While Pal looks on, I imagine, in horror over the fact that this mundane task hasn’t been made more efficient in our current state of technology.  I tried to explain to Pal that teachers are not really as busy as people make you think, and I have extra time to fill, and I’m just hoping to fill out 21 bubble sheets tonight.  I also tell him that on this snow day, I was missing the paperwork element of my job so much that I really appreciate the bubble sheets.  All those standardized tests in elementary and high school paid off…I am now an expert at filling in bubble sheets, and can do it for my students.

Okay, I’m done snarking.  I just hate mundane tasks when I don’t even have enough time for the important ones.

DPP 2012 — We stand with you.

December 17th…

2012-12-17 06.42.04

Today, we wear our blue and yellow.  We stand with our fellow teachers the only way we can, in spirit.  This morning, I put on a necklace with two medals. One is a Saint Cecilia medal.  She is the patron saint of music, my confirmation saint, and was a brave, faith-filled woman.  The other is a cross with a verse from Psalm 11 around the outside:  “In the Lord put your trust.”  Wearing a necklace will not protect me, of course.  Things don’t protect me.  I don’t need things to protect me.  I just might need a little reminder today…

“The safest place in all of human existence is in the center of the will of God.” –Mark Ashton

“Tonight’s the night the world begins again…”

DPP 2012 — Snow!

December 16th…

2012-12-16 12.28.53

2012-12-16 13.30.49

2012-12-16 15.33.43

You totally can’t see it, but the air in all these photos was full of falling snow!  The world changed, just a little, outside my window over the course of the afternoon.  Look at the little foot bridge to really see the transformation.

DPP 2012 — Cocktail

December 15th…

2012-12-16 07.06.31

My weekend cocktail:  ginger ale mixed with pineapple juice.  Good for the taste buds, easy on the stomach, has some calories and a few vitamins to help me get back to normal.  Interesting note…this is also a good party punch!

DPP 2012 — Pal

December 14th…

2012-12-14 18.01.00

My sick day snuggle buddy.

DPP 2012 — Gatorade

December 13th…

2012-12-13 09.25.03

And happy birthday to me.  With sarcasm.  I woke up in the night with a stomach virus.  So today I’m enjoying some Gatorade and crackers.  Small, small sips of Gatorade.  Tiny bites of crackers.  And keeping the tree plugged in all day and night, just because I like it that way.

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