DPP 2011 — The Rest of Them

Updating my blog is tricky when I’m away from home…

December 18:  Marshmallow Math

December 22: My first and only candy cane of the season!

December 22:  Clementines

December 23:  An ornament on my sister’s Christmas tree

December 24:  Coffee!!!

December 25:  Family Christmas


DPP 2011 — Life Moments

December 17:  I had a lovely little Christmas-y photo to share today, but it’s going to have to wait until tomorrow.  Life happens, and unexpected things present themselves, and you have to change your plan.  For example, after a sick day followed by about 24 hours away from home to celebrate my wonderful sister’s graduation, I came home to find my bathtub full of water and black stuff.  I could really use an evening in sweatpants, lying on the couch.  Instead, I find myself calling emergency maintenance and awaiting a drain service.

But here comes the good part.  (Not to overthink the situation too much…)  I think growth and grace come through difficult surprises.  Another unexpected maintenance-related thing happened yesterday.  (It’s been a busy week for the maintenance staff in my apartment.  I need to bake those great guys some cookies or something!)  The head maintenance guy knocked on my door about 10:00 a.m., expecting me to be at work.  I was home sick, in my sweatpants, lying on the couch.  That is not how I usually present myself to the world!  But I let him in, he worked on my furnace, and he was so sweet and respectful, as always.  I was reminded that, sick or well, dressed or in pajamas, made up or not, I am a person worthy of respect and sweetness.

I love December Photo Project because it makes me love my life more!  Strange, but taking pictures of random small moments each day encourages me to really look at the little moments, and enjoy them.  And I can look back and remember small moments of grace.

Where have you found grace this month?

DPP 2011 — Freedom

December 16:  My sister is graduating from college this weekend!!!  🙂  This is the wall in the lobby of the main building of her department on campus.  The first amendment is quoted on the wall.  The whole building has great quotes all over the walls.

DPP 2011 — Winter Tea Lights

December 15

DPP 2011 — Creating

December 13:  ‘Tis the season to get out the craft supplies and make things!

(For more explanation of the December Photo Project, click here.)

DPP 2011 — Birthday

December 12:  A great start to a GREAT birthday!  Flowers from a darling friend, and a splurge on a peppermint latte from Crane Coffee!

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DPP 2011 — Fresh

December 11:  I love what a green onion looks like when it is freshly sliced…shades of green and white.  It’s so pretty, I hate to take it off the cutting board and mix it into anything!

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