Marking the Journey: Lent Week 3

This week, my promise to abstain from TV was like a bad but committed marriage.  Some days I cheated.  Some days I was faithful.  I never considered giving up on my vow, but I wasn’t particularly attentive to it either.

As planned, I am recognizing when it feels better to have the TV off.  I am eager to have a little piece of quiet in my evening.  I am finding that things get done when my mind isn’t always “plugged in.”  I fold the laundry and unload the dishwasher…my most avoided household tasks.

I’m still struggling to “run to Jesus” instead of finding ways to zone out when things are hard or I am tired.  In lieu of TV, I scroll through Facebook and Instagram or play games on my phone.  (Brene Brown would call these “numbing behaviors,” and as much as I don’t want to, I tend to agree.)  I’m not convinced that numbing behaviors are all bad, but I’m not connecting with God most days.  I’m not connecting with myself enough to know how I am really doing.

Maybe these are two separate issues, the numbing and the not connecting.

The experience continues.


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