February Goals

If it's going to be winter...it needs to look like this!  So sparkly and bright!

If it’s going to be winter…it needs to look like this! So sparkly and bright!

I’m celebrating a snow day today.  “Celebrating” is the right word.  A snow day is an unexpected holiday marked by extended pajama hours, increased warm beverage consumption, and a high quantity of fiction in the form of TV, movies, and books.  That’s how I celebrate, anyway.  Today on the schedule: Firefly, Serenity, and Castle.  I’m in a Nathan Fillion kind of mood.

A review of January:

-I planned to make myself addicted to exercise by thinking about the good feelings, the immediate gratification of doing some good hard work.  It worked for about a week.  I think I need to combine the “good feelings addiction” with the habits involved in making a workout part of my day without much effort.  I’m also thinking about the practical things that can become obstacles, such as the fact that the gym I belong to is a 15-20 minute drive from my apartment.  I’m not ready to make any changes, but I’m going to keep thinking on this.

-I spent time outside.  It was awesome, and must continue.  The value of absorbing sunshine and seeing nature is immeasurable.

New Goals for February:

-For the body…  Green smoothies!  It’s time to get back on the wagon.  My true goal is to drastically reduce my consumption of sugar and things that turn into sugar in my body, such as white flour, processed potato products, etc.  But sugar is crack, and I can’t just stop.  If there’s one thing I know, it’s that trying to DO something is much easier than trying to STOP doing something.  And the more fresh fruits and veggies I eat, the less sugar I crave.  So in February, I can eat whatever sugary, processed, insulin-producing substances I want…but I will also have a green smoothie.  Every day.

-For the spirit… “A place for everything, and everything in its place.”  I know how much better I feel emotionally when my space is clean and organized.  In fact, an hour of cleaning is sometimes worth more than an hour of sleep.  I love apartment living partially because it’s a small space.  The putting away and cleaning takes a very small percentage of my time.  But it still so easily gets neglected…as with most people, I imagine!  This month, every day, no matter how late, I will spend 15 minutes cleaning up the kitchen, picking up the house, and doing whatever other cleaning and organizing I have time to do.  I have been curious for awhile to find out how far 15 minutes per day would go.  Over time, would I be able to keep up not only with dishes and picking up, but also the housecleaning?  Let’s find out!

“You’re lost in the woods.  We all are.”  –Inara, from Firefly


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