The Fire

Some women are lost in the fire.  Some women are built from it.

Two days of school, done.  176 to go.

Considering that the first day of school is generally the hardest, most exhausting day…this year will be great!  Seriously.  It was a cake walk.  Easy peasy.  Easy as pie.  Easy as a $3 hooker.

(I may be feeling skeptical about the reliability of this generalization?)

I expect it will get harder.  DEVOLSON is coming, after all.  This teaching thing is hard stuff.  50+ hours a week, at a breakneck pace, is enough to overwhelm anyone, and burn out many.  I was browsing my favorite teaching blogs today, and the word “sustainable” struck me a couple of times.  As in, a pace and workload that is sustainable over the course of a year or a career.  (Read this.  And this.)  A teacher’s pace and workload are unsustainable.

I love the challenge…but the intensity wears on me.  I love the purpose-filled nature of this job…but I am not Superwoman and I can’t always save the day.  This is the fight.  This is our fire.  “Sustainable” is going to be my word this school year.  Stay tuned as I consider and define what that means for me.


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