On The Day We Met — Elizabeth Rose

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On the day we met…

I woke up at your Uncle Mark and Aunt Alise’s house.  Aunt Alise gathered up your cousin Henry’s necessities, and Uncle Mark made us coffee.  I packed my stuff to go back home to Omaha after visiting you.

We stopped at IHOP and had some delicious pancakes with all the different syrups.  The waitress fell in love with Henry.

We arrived at your house before you did.  We played with Henry and chatted, excited to see you and your parents.

Your dad carried you into the house, and we all gazed into the car seat…this tiny creature, sleeping peacefully.

I took you out, and your momma said we could take your hat off.  Aunt Alise and I both gushed in surprise over all your hair!

You were so tiny…you fit from my elbows to my fingertips while you were bundled up in a blanket.

For a little while, you had your eyes open, bright and curious.  You couldn’t wait to see more of this new world…and we couldn’t wait to see more of who you would become.

My niece Elizabeth Rose, born September 6, 2013


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