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I have been “regular journaling” since the 2nd grade…not so much to document my life…but to slow down, to work things out.  It takes a lot more time to write a sentence than to think it, and writing gives my mind and heart the time to ponder, to listen.  When I started walking with Jesus, journaling became an important part of my “quiet time”…(how I dislike that term)…even more important than my bible.  They are the conversation between him and me.  So my journals are…personal.  (What’s a better, deeper word for personal?)  They are the story of my walk with Jesus and life and pain and joy.  This blog is really just a public extension of that story.

I have, very recently, been introduced to the term “art journaling.”  Now, hear me clearly… I don’t paint.  I don’t draw.  I’m infinitely more auditory than visual.  I can never make things look the way I want with pencils and markers and paintbrushes.  I don’t “art.”

2013-01-04 14.30.26

Except…I kinda do.  Sometimes.  Just for fun, just for doing and throwing away.  I cut and glue and layer things up.  I draw random shapes and designs along the sides of the handouts at meetings.  I have even been known to glue something interesting in my journal and embellish the edges with colored Sharpies.  I do art-ish.

So, I am dipping my toes into the idea of art journaling.

2013-01-05 09.16.03 2013-01-05 09.16.17

My meditation temple, my little sanctuary, my quiet corner of the world.  I heard the term “meditation temple” on the movie Eat, Pray, Love and I realized that is exactly what I have created in my den…a place away.  Away from TV.  Away from my work bag, taunting me with unfinished obligations.  Away from dishes to wash and laundry to fold.

2013-01-05 09.16.42

My supply box:  markers, colored pencils, my beloved Sharpies, scissors, glue, journal, fun paper, and two bibles: one for reading, one for cutting up!

Here are some fun links to check out other art journalers:

Messy Canvas

Art Journal Gallery on Flickr

Art Journaling as a Creative Process

Some ideas from pinterest

Kelly’s Art Journaling

Raw Art Journaling…not endorsing this book in any way, it just looks fun…and also, scroll down and look at the section “Customers who bought this item also bought”

Also, just go to Google Images and type “art journaling.”  Lots of fun things to look at!

**One note…many of these sites have journal prompts.  I find that I need zero prompts for journaling.  I live life out loud, and I could not possibly fill my life with enough people to hear everything I want to say.  More often than not I find that I have things I need to talk about.  If not, I normally do my daily bible reading, whatever plan I’m trying to stick with, and something, one verse or phrase or word, stands out to me and I write about it.  And such it is with art journaling, so far.  I take the one thing that sticks out and do something with glue.  🙂  For the month of January, I’m trying out the idea of sticking with a theme, “I accept…”  This is an idea from Messy Canvas.

2013-01-07 17.32.27

One of the things I am accepting is that I do not want a messy table surface in my house always at the ready for projects.  I want to sit in the comfy chair in my meditation temple, read my bible and write my ramblings, and have materials near me if the urge strikes to cut and glue…which it often does.  I also don’t, for the most part, fill whole pages with art.  I write, and make little pieces of art in between, and then write around them some more.  I am me, not “them”…all the “other” art journalers who like paint and chalk and messy spaces.  I am not imitating someone else…the urge that I so often have…  I am taking this idea and making it my own.


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