My Flu Shot…

I didn’t get a flu shot today.  They were free to employees, but…

I have my own secrets.  🙂

My daily green smoothie keeps my body’s alkaline balance in order so that it can renew, renew, renew!  And when my blood cells are fresh and new, they fight things off before I even know they’re in there.  Not to mention all the vitamins and minerals that are packed in there.


A daily workout moves all my lymphatic fluid around so it can catch and kill all the little buggers.  It also makes me need less sleep, although I have no idea why.  But 8 hours feels absolutely luxurious when I’ve been working out.


A good 7 to 9 hours a night…the good habit that most easily escapes me…  Evidence shows that people who get enough sleep are less likely to get sick.  But why is a bit of a mystery.  One theory that makes sense to me is that while we sleep, the body renews its cells.  And again, fresh new cells are good fighters.

All of these habits also keep stress hormones at bay.  Less stress hormones = stronger immune system.

Every time I get sick, at least one of these three habits has been neglected.  Most winters, I really do sail through with barely a sniffle.  And I intend to keep that up for the rest of my life.

(I don’t think we need to talk about hand-washing, not touching your eyes and mouth, covering your cough…  Blocking and killing germs goes without saying.)


If someone can find a magical habit that would keep my yearly two-day stomach virus away, I would love you forever.


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