Love & Other Drugs

I just have to rave about this movie.  I’ve had it on DVD from Netflix for about a week, and I can’t bear to send it back.  I just keep watching it.

The main character is Jamie Randall, a young, empty, player of a man who begins working in pharmaceutical sales.  He starts a fling with Maggie Murdoch, a free-spirited woman who has some serious emotional walls.  The story is set in the late 1990’s, and follows the two as they are each changed by caring about the other.

I love this movie for several reasons.  The soundtrack takes me back to high school.  (When was the last time you heard the song “Praise You” by Fatboy Slim?)  The music supervisor did a great job of choosing background music that fits the emotional tone of each scene.  The little theme music to Jamie and Maggie’s love story is gorgeous.  The characters are flawed and seem very real.  Jake Gyllenhaal is absolutely adorable and Anne Hathaway is brilliant.  And I’m certain the reason that I can’t seem to send it back:  It is a fantastic tearjerker of a love story.

(I feel obligated to say…it’s rated R for a reason.  Lots of them, actually.  Make your own choices.)



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