10 “good” reasons to go for a run

I don’t know why I run.  Some days, I don’t know why anyone would ever run.  It’s worth it, but I don’t know why.  I live in a culture of immediate gratification, and I am resigned to my human nature that wants an immediate reward.

I am going to keep running.  But some days…a lot of days…I need a good reason to keep running.  So here are ten reasons…some good, some not so “good,” but all have been motivating at one moment or another.

1.  To take a brave step toward increasing my health.

2.  Because my future boyfriends and possibly husband someday deserve a significant other who takes good care of herself.

3.  Because I deserve to be a person who takes good care of herself!!!

4.  To sleep well tonight.

5.  To look like Sophia Bush.  She’s approximately my height and body type, so I imagine that someday I could look something like this:


(Today it’s Sophia Bush.  In the past it has been Kate Hudson, Bethany Joy Lenz, Ellen Pompeo, Vanessa Hudgens, Kristen Bell, Emily de Ravin, Mila Kunis…  Tomorrow it will be someone else.  Any short-ish, skinny-ish actress with smallish boobs will do it for me.  Someone that I can stretch my imagination far enough to have the superficial thought: “I could look like her, shape-wise, someday!”)

6.  To bleed away all of the stress that is hanging around in my body and mind, whether I am aware of it or not at this moment.

7.  To feel like a warrior.

8.  To feel like a celebrity.  They exercise all the time, right?

9.  To have a fighting chance of being a happy old lady someday:

10.  Because exercise + coffee = a happy day!  🙂

So on those days when running is on the plan, but feels like the last thing I want to do, I don’t need to remember why I run.  I don’t need to keep my eyes on the goal.  I don’t need THE reason.  I just need A reason.  No matter how superficial.  So to myself on those days:  consider the list, pick one, ANY one, and get out there!


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