Last Day

For weeks I have been wishing that I could fast-forward to the last day of school.  But now that it is the last day, I don’t want them to leave.

It’s never easy for me to let my little birds go.  I know the names of all their pets.  I was the first one to sign their casts.  I know that Joey’s dad is not living at home anymore.  I know how much they grew on the wall chart.

We mourned together over cats that did not look before crossing the street.  We graduated from wide-ruled to college-ruled paper together.  We have become a family.

Parents have eighteen years to get ready to send their kids out of the nest.  Teachers only get ten months.

32 Third Graders and One Class Bunny (p. 285) by Phillip Done

(The photo is a little flashback from making tens on turkey feathers in November.  Now they’re so stinkin’ good at making tens, and doing everything else I taught them, that I have to send them to 2nd grade.  What was I thinking?)


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