The TV Fast is Over.

As you may remember, I went on a TV fast for Lent.  

To be honest, I called it a few days early.  It was spring break, and I wanted to watch TV.  No regrets here.

I also cheated a little the weekend the dog was sick.  When you’re cleaning up the kind of…messes…that I was cleaning up, I say do what you need to do.

It just goes to show, it’s not about the rules, it’s not about perfection.  I truly got what I really needed out of the experience.  I experienced silence and peace.  I recognized the reasons I watch TV in the first place, and what I want to do about them.

Listen to me.  TV is great.  There is nothing wrong with it.  We have found ways to entertain each other for millenia, and stories, games, sports, and news have always been part of it.

The silence was good.  It was great, actually.  And what I have learned about silence will continue to affect the choices I make about my free time.  But there will be no more rules about TV.  It was fantastic.  And now it is done.


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