141 Days Later

I was waiting for my next parent-teacher conference to show up this evening, and I found myself looking around the room.  I started the year unable to imagine that we would fill up the walls, the corners, that every space in the room would be filled, after 141 days, with evidence that we were there.


I noticed space after space that I wanted a picture of, that made me want to remember this.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to look around the room and accept the kid-created space that it becomes.  I like order.  And for things to be put away.  And correct spelling.  And nice handwriting.

like those things.  But I love creation!  I love turning them loose and watching the ideas flow.  I love that everything they touch becomes a reflection of their own little personalities.

I love that when I look around the room, I can see what we’ve done, and potential for more doing.

I love seeing books I read 141 school days ago, books I could read over and over, books that feed our souls.

This is our workshop, our art studio, our research facility, our creation room…

It’s lonely all by myself, because when I look around, the room is full of the energy that usually lives here.

This is the beautiful, always too short part of the year where the months of building relationships and nurturing minds has paid off in ways that can be felt with the heart.  We are racing toward future summer with great excitement and expectation.  But just for tonight, I want to rest in the glorious present.


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  1. dorisjacobs
    Mar 28, 2012 @ 21:14:48

    So, do you wipe the wals and pallets clear and clean to start over next year with another group os young minds? I love that you see the important role you play in forming the minds and character of a whole generation of youngsters. As an oldster I really am glad to see you and so many young adults thriving and nurturing the next generation of soon to become young adults. Keep up the good work and when it seems like too much look back at this blog entry and remember how good it feels to nurture the emerging specialness of each of your students.


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