Zion Part 5: The Narrows!!!

Yay!!!  It’s time for the Narrows!  I knew this would be my favorite hike…we get to walk through the water!  Sweet relief of cold water around our feet, instead of nothing but heat and sun!  I love the first hike, Observation Point, because it was such a lot of hard work to get there, and it was so worth it.  But if you ask me what my favorite hike was…no question!  The Narrows!

First, a quick and painless hike to the Court of the Patriarchs, a good viewing spot for the peaks named Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

You can see Isaac and Jacob in the background. Abraham is a little farther to the left.

This display explained how a canyon forms, I think. The caption amused us. The poor tributary was just left hanging. Didn't it deserve some closure on the situation? Heehee. 🙂

Even when we were on the shuttle bus, I just couldn't keep my eyes off the canyon. I just wanted to soak it up...the layers and layers of rock...the history of the earth, right there on display...the magnificence of God's creation!

From the last shuttle stop, there is an easy hike a little deeper into the canyon. Easy. Paved. Out of character compared to everything else in the park!

Crazy little squirrels that weren't afraid of humans at all!

After the short hike, we each found a big stick and plunged ourselves into the blissful water!

The reason behind the name for this hike is obvious. The canyon narrows until there is only water most of the time.

Man, this girl could use some eyeliner and lipstick! On the other hand, she is obviously very happy to be carrying a big stick through a river in a canyon!

In our typical "Hey, I wonder if we can get up there?" fashion, Sarah and I see something across the canyon that we want to explore.

Here we go, sticks and all...careful of unknown depth and force of the current, but it turned out to be no problem crossing the water.

We made it across! Now, where shall we climb?

This little cave looks good! As you can see, Jon ventured across to join us, without his big stick or water pack. Did he think we were being reckless and would need to be rescued? 🙂

Or maybe he just wanted to climb, too!  🙂

So awesome! Look how small we are!

A bend in the river.

After a couple of hours, we turned around and hiked downstream, and climbed out of the water.  We brought a large quantity with us in our shoes, though!

Letting some of the water drain out of our shoes before the dry part of the hike.

Best.  Hike.  Ever.  It was a bit of work to stay upright in the current, and we all…or most of us?…fell a few times.  But it was such a nice day for it, we almost appreciated the dunkings!  It didn’t feel like hard work, because the water was cooling us off, and there was often moments of shade, and there was so much to explore!  Best of all, it was so awesome to be deep into the canyon like that, in a place you can only get to by going into the water.  No one can get there on dry land.  Quite an experience!


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