Resolutions: 2012

As you may have noticed, my resolution from 2011 has gradually lost its presence on this blog.  So let me begin 2012 by telling you what happened with that:

I did it!  🙂

The goal was not to BUY any books (except textbooks, book club books, and books for classroom use) in 2011, and I firmly stuck with that goal.  Yay!

I have decided to read the entire bible this year.  I decided on this resolution a few months ago, and I have been considering different ways to do it.  Then, lo and behold, my church community has taken on the same resolution!  Our pastor has suggested The Daily Bible In Chronological Order: 365 Daily Readings, and the Sunday messages will be relevant to the current week’s daily readings.  So, I have decided to jump on board.  What I like best, so far, is that the actual biblical text is organized into chronological order, and paired with daily devotional passages as well.  I know that once I get into the more difficult parts of the bible, having a few paragraphs telling me why this is relevant and important will be very helpful.

My personal goal is to finish by December 31, 2012.  I obviously can’t predict the next 365 days, and I may not be able to do each daily reading on the day it is intended.  So my “project” to get me there is to catch up monthly.  By January 31st, for example, I will read all of the January section.

My second resolution is impossible.  I have decided and backed off a thousand times.  I have decided, and then chosen an easier goal.  But yesterday I read this:

Why have plans that I could do by myself? Where then would God figure in?

Impossible resolutions require God solutions.

Could there be a better place to start the new year?

–Ann Voskamp

And so…here’s to the impossible, that which I cannot do without God’s help.

In 2012, I will run a 10K race.

For me, that seems like an impossible goal.  I have run 5K races, and they seem nearly impossible enough.  Why go on to something more impossible?  And what does this have to do with God?

You and I are both fearfully and wonderfully made.  God makes all kinds of different people, with different gifts and desires and shapes. We are souls, temporarily inhabiting bodies.  And we can’t request a different body on this planet.  And trust me, we don’t want to.  God loves the body I have, and so should I.

But I have not.  Over the course of 2011, if not before that, I have begun to really feel how far away I have gone from the body God gave me.  I have gotten into, and out of, and into again, good habits of working out regularly.  I have really felt the difference between feeling active and alive, and feeling fat and sick.  And those two bodies, as different as they feel, don’t look that much different.  I’m still 5’3″, I still have big hips and small boobs, I still have my same hair, same face, same feet.  Always have, always will.  The scale will go down, or it won’t, and I don’t care.

(Or more accurately, I don’t think God cares about the number on the scale, so I’m trying really really hard not to!)

The point is, am I loving this body that God gifted me with?

So the goal is a 10K race.  The project is simple:  More, not less.

More exercise.  At least 3 cardio workouts per week, and working up to two strength training or yoga sessions as well.

More veggies.  At least 5 green smoothies per week.  Fresh fruit for bedtime snack.  Nuts and dried fruit when I feel like I’m starving to death after work.

The less of the bad will follow the more of the good.

And one more detail for the project:

Keep the kitchen clean, the groceries stocked, and the laundry caught up.

Are you confused?

When my kitchen is clean when I get home from work, I want to cook healthy things.  When it is a mess, I want to stay far, far away.  When the cupboards are stocked, I have already planned something healthy to eat.  When they are not, I don’t feel like scrounging for a healthy meal, so I get take-out.  When the laundry is caught up, it’s easy to go work out in the morning.  When the laundry is not caught up, there are no workout clothes in the morning.

So, in 2012, I will run a 10K by being prepared to exercise and eat well.  It is an impossible goal, but God is with me.


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