My 20s

I am writing this post while driving down the road in sunny, desolate, BEAUTIFUL Kansas.

Well, I am actually riding. Not typing while driving. Don’t be alarmed.

I love this era of vast and accessibletechnology, where I can google the elevation of Denver, type a blog post, or play Angry Birds, all while enjoying the Kansas sunshine.

Oh, wait…one moment… Now it is Oklahoma sunshine!

It occurs to me that I usually do a “night before my birthday” post.  So this year, for my 30th birthday, here are a few important things I learned in my 20s.

Jesus came to get me.  What I understand about Jesus is a sparkle shining on one drop of water in the ocean of truth of who He is.  But what I learned eight years ago is that all of that truth and redemption that I will never fully understand is for ME.

Go to the gym.  I will never have the kind of life that contains enough physical activity.  I am not Laura Ingalls Wilder, churning butter and washing bed sheets in a wash tub.  I need to go to the gym as automatically as I brush my teeth.

Do not get a Kohls card!  Or a Target card, or a Mart card, or a line of credit from the pet store.  You really are allowing your future self to become a slave to your past choices.  Just wait.  Save.  Decide rationally.  Learn how to say no and walk away.

The world is big.  So much bigger than your hometown, wherever you live.  Travel.  Be fearless.  Find your favorite places in the world, and you will be able to go back there whenever you need to, through pictures and memories and another trip.


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  1. Carolina
    Dec 28, 2011 @ 14:56:40

    I missed your birthday! 😦 I don’t like the new facebook that doesn’t show everyone of my friends’ birthdays and I haven’t figured out how to get the ones to show that I really want to know about-of which yours is one!!!! Hope you had a great day!!!!!!!!


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