Simple Woman’s Daybook

Not ready to go to sleep, even though it’s late.  So I’m going to slow down my brain with this lovely exercise from
Outside my window…dark.  And damp.

I am thinking…about colorful Christmas lights.  I love the multi-colored ones better than just white or all one color.

I am thankful…for friends with whom to share this crazy journey of life.

In the kitchen…the holiday treats are starting to pile up!

I am wearing…warm pajamas.

I am creating…Jesse tree ornaments with bible verses and quotes from Ann Voskamp.

I am going…everywhere!  🙂  Plans to visit family, thoughts in my head about visiting friends VERY far away and also about participating in a mission trip soon.

I am wondering…about the future.

I am reading…Water for Elephants…still.  There is so much to do, I can’t seem to sit still enough to get through it.  Actually, I know this very experience is part of that issue.  There is not “so much to do;” I just won’t settle into stillness and quiet.

I am hoping…for strength and patience.

I am looking forward to…a break away from the first graders for Christmas.

I am hearing…sweet silence and comforting noise.  The noticeable absence of t.v. or music.  The neighbor turning on the water.  Traffic.  Muffled conversation in the hall.  Alone, yet not alone.

Around the house…Mostly clean!  I love it when my house looks like a magazine.

I am pondering…a few things I heard in church on Sunday.  In particular:  “Jesus hung in front of a crowd, bloody and naked, for you.”

One of my favorite things…is a lit candle.

A few plans for the rest of the week…finish Christmas shopping!


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