Weekend comments…

…too long for facebook!


1. Went to a quilt show.  Had “Take Me or Leave Me” from RENT in my head the entire day.  Was very aware of the contrast between what I was looking at and what I was “listening” to!!!

2.  Every time I go to Des Moines, I fall a little bit more in love with it.  Specifically this weekend: the walkability of downtown, Palmer’s deli, and La Mie bakery.

3.  I got a big hit of my favorite drug this morning–playing music in front of people!  So many ways it brings me joy…hearing myself so well with the sound system…doing something well during the performance that I had messed up at soundcheck…an orchestra friend telling me I didn’t seem nervous at all (yay!)…strangers coming up to compliment me after the service and ask about the piece…  Seriously, how wrong is it that I get high on this drug at CHURCH???  God, if this is not what you want, please, don’t make it so FUN!!!

4.  What a productive afternoon!  What is it about sitting at a table with another person that makes me do my work?  Giant stack of papers to grade….DONE!!!

5.  I love the new show Pan Am!!!  The period music, the 60s fashion, the drama.  I’m intrigued!


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