Reposted: Zion Part 1: Getting to Utah

Looking through pictures and realized I never finished posting about our trip to Zion last summer!  So I’m going to repost parts 1 and 2 before I post the rest.  Here is part 1…

After a two hour drive for Sarah and Jon from Des Moines to Omaha, a 45-minute drive from Omaha to Lincoln, helping Megan move in (after Megan had driven 10 hours from Fort Worth to Lincoln!), a quick night of sleep followed by a 5:00 a.m. departure, and about 12 hours of driving through Nebraska and Wyoming, we crossed into Utah!  By this moment, we had cumulatively put 25 hours of driving behind us, if you count all the hours in each vehicle.  Or 67 hours, if you count hours of driving/riding per each person from our respective Point A’s. 

Immediately, the scenery changed a bit.  It was beautiful, and I fell in love with the landscape by the time we got to the first rest stop!  Us girls (especially me) were in need of a break, although I’m pretty sure Jon was antsy to get to Salt Lake City and his parents’ house.  In our experience, we girls like to stop every few hours.  We settled into a goal of 4 hours at a time, but I know Jon would have gone much longer without us!  So, we stopped at the rest stop to enjoy our first view of Utah.  We walked around a bit, collected some brochures, and “hiked” about 2 minutes to an overlook place.

“I think I’m going to like it here!”


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