Ahhh, pedicures!

The chemicals stink.  You are repelled from a nail salon just walking past.  They are probably not very good for you, either.

There is risk.  They use the same tools on everyone’s feet, and we can only hope they are thoroughly cleaned in between.  One could be very afraid of what might happen at a nail salon.

Sometimes they don’t quite do what you thought you were asking for.  Sometimes the color doesn’t look like you thought it would.  Sometimes it doesn’t last as long as you hoped.  Sometimes it lasts too long and you can’t get it off.

And yet…

There is something about getting a pedicure that is very, very good.  Soaking your feet in the hot, bubbly water is so relaxing.  For me, overcoming my ticklishness and my discomfort with relinquishing control is very good.  Even sitting in the chair, letting it do its massaging work on my back is relinquishing control of how I am touched.  What will it do next?  Will it be uncomfortable?  My feet are so ticklish, and I hate being tickled, so figuring out what to do about that has been key in enjoying pedicures.  For me, the massage chair is key.  And the bubbly water.  I pay attention to what the massage chair is doing to my back, and how my other foot feels when I put it directly in front of the bubbles.  Then it doesn’t matter what the person is doing to me, it just all feels fine.

I love the scrubbing and the lotions and potions they use, and the places that wrap your legs in hot, wet towels and leave you to soak for a few minutes are the BEST.  All my stress and tension soaks right out into the bubbly water and the hot towels.  I love choosing a color and letting them fancy it up with a flower or something.  I leave a pedicure feeling relaxed and pampered and pretty.  🙂

I’ve never gotten a pedicure by myself.  It has always been a bonding activity with girlfriends.  It seems like a nice experience to share.

If I give up Starbucks, can I get a pedicure every month?  🙂


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