Off the Wagon

I’ve fallen off the green smoothie wagon.  I continue to buy greens, and I continue to throw them away, unopened, on their expiration date.  Setting aside the fact that I’m throwing good money away, and wasting good food, the main point is that I’m throwing away an opportunity to feel good and increase my health. 

I even got a coworker interested in green smoothies, and as much as I love them and speak good things about them, I feel like a hypocrite.  At the very least, I feel like someone who is not advertising their wonderfulness very well, because a regular green smoothie habit keeps my skin clear, keeps my energy up, keeps me from getting sick, keeps me at a much more healthy weight than I have been lately, and keeps me feeling better than I could have ever imagined before I started drinking green smoothies.

But for the past many months, maybe a year or more, I have been drinking coffee like a vampire craves blood, I have been low energy most of the time, I have been sick occasionally, I have not been motivated to work out or stay away from sweets, and I look in the mirror in the morning and see a person who looks like she needs a vacation.  Lots and lots of sleep, preferably on a tropical island.  In other words, I’m beginning to look like I feel.  Solution=I want to feel better!  🙂

I get this one life, and now that I know what good feels like, that’s how I want to feel!  I will never be able to articulate just how grateful I am to Sara from Happy Foody (and her other delightful blogs!) for introducing me to green smoothies.  Now that I know green smoothies, it’s up to me to keep them in my life!  🙂

So…I challenge myself to my own personal 30-day Green Smoothie Challenge of 2011!  Beginning later today, I will keep a running checklist on the side of my blog, and you, big internet world, will keep me accountable to this challenge.  30 days, at least one green smoothie each day, that’s it.  That’s the challenge.  I’ll post again when the 30 days are through, which by my calculation will be May 22.  Just in time for the last week of school!

(Here is a post from Sara that can get you started on green smoothies, if you’re interested.  I especially love the video, where she demonstrates making one.  Or, of course, just google “green smoothies” and start looking around!)


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