Book Report #12: Pack Up the Moon

Pack Up the Moon by Anna McPartlin was excellent.  It starts with great sadness, and the sadness continues for a good portion of the book.  But it’s ultimately the story of the characters’ journey through that sadness and out of it.  I picked it up in the clearance corner of Half Price Books because I was drawn to the cover…something about the sequined skirt in a meadow; the disconnect was appealing to me.  That appealing disconnect between beginnings and endings, sorrow and joy, sadness and humor, continues throughout the story.  It is completely worth the ride.

12 books done, 55 more to go.  Or, 11 weeks down, 41 to go.  It depends how this all turns out.  My goal is not clear.  It’s a “whichever goal is accomplished first” situation.  🙂

(Read the reason for the “book reports” here.)


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