Remind Me

I was listening to KLOVE radio yesterday, and the DJ was talking about how she promises to pray for someone, and then forgets to actually do it.  She was especially heartbroken over this in the wake of the earthquake in Japan, as so many are in need of prayer and mercy and miracles.  A listener had the idea of drawing a red dot on her hand to remind her throughout the day.  (The red dot is from the Japanese flag.)  I thought about that all day yesterday.

After a conversation with my brother Mark last night regarding the situation in Libya, I was feeling grateful to live in a country where I get to vote and have my say in my government, and I get to vote for someone else next time if I don’t agree with how my leaders are leading.  And I don’t face violence or physical danger to assert my right to have a say in my government.  After waking up and hearing the news of the escalated conflict this morning, I also wanted a reminder to pray for Libya.  So I researched the Libyan flag, and I found out that the people who are asserting their right to have a say in their government are using a flag with the star and moon symbol on it.  I am praying for everyone in Libya, as a death on either side of the political fence is a loss of precious human life.  But I like the idea of my reminder standing for something that the Libyan people want and I am grateful to have.

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