Book Report #11: The Unschooling Handbook

I saw The Unschooling Handbook by Mary Griffith in the teacher resources section of Half Price Books, and I thought, “Wow, there are books about unschooling?  Isn’t that sort of contradictory?”  So I had to buy it!  🙂

It was fun to read, especially since I’m so obsessed with the idea of homeschooling.  I especially enjoyed all the anecdotes from parents about their experiences of watching their children discover various concepts.  Anytime I’m reading or listening to what homeschooling/unschooling parents say about their worries and concerns, I realize what an advantage I would have as a parent in that situation–at least at the ages that I have worked with.  Parents worry because they haven’t seen a couple hundred kids come through that stage of learning, with nothing to worry about in the end.  Everyone goes through a stage of skipping some of 12 through 19 when they count.  Everyone goes through a stage where they see any word that starts with the first letter of their name, and they think the word is their name.  Everyone goes through a stage of thinking b, d, p, and q all look the same.  They get through it when they get through it, and it doesn’t really matter if it takes a month or a couple of years.  It wouldn’t even occur to me to be concerned about those things…and I wonder what middle schoolers and teenagers do that I would be concerned about, but shouldn’t be!

Reading books like this makes me hope I have kids someday.  But it also encourages me in my current life, because I’m so certain that I chose the right career when I find myself so interested in kids and development!  🙂


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