Purging clutter has become my new high.  It’s almost as satisfying as singing in the shower.

Today I moved classrooms…for the fourth time in two school years.  Two years in a row, I’ve been asked to move mid-year.  Both times had to do with the construction.  This week, they are ready to tear down a wall that has faithfully protected my class from the outdoors up until yesterday.  So, I am relocated across the hall. 

To the room that I lived in the second half of last school year.

Which now has a view of the new cafeteria, no sunshine or sky in sight.

And all the kindergarten teachers got to move to their new room in the new part of the building.

And they all have a view of the sky.

There is nothing about this move that will make my life better.  There is nothing about this move that I am excited about.

(No, I take that back.  The ELMO is in a much better place for teaching.  That’s the only thing I’m excited about.)

But, I left my new/old classroom today ultimately feeling very satisfied.  The move went smoothly in an organized manner.  And best of all, I did not move one thing that I don’t absolutely want to keep.  I spent hours and hours this year cleaning out every shelf, drawer, and cupboard.  I threw away and recycled and gave away.  I tossed things from the previous 1st grade teacher, and the one before him, and the one before her, and the one before her.  I filed and three-hole-punched and sorted and labeled.  And there is not one item in my care that I do not have a use for.  There is not one drawer that I don’t know what is in it.  And there is not one pound of stuff that I regret carrying or making others carry.  If you come into my classroom asking to borrow a doodad or whatsit, not only can I immediately tell you whether or not I have one, but I can put my hands on it before my kids write their names on their papers. 

It makes me giddy with delight.  🙂

(If that doesn’t make you giddy with delight, read this delightful blog post instructing you how to clutter up your space!)

So, I made it through the semester of coteaching in the basement with the passive-aggressive patronizing control freak.  And I made it through the semester of noise and mice and the student who threw chairs and threatened us with scissors.  And I made it through the seven months of purging and decluttering and crowding two schools into what is left of one building while it is slowly demolished and put back together again.  And I will make it through the 2 1/2 months of no sunshine. 

And then, in 2011-2012, if it’s at all possible, I call a brand new classroom, a view, and an easy year!


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