Bath Towel Pondering




Just experimenting…putting pictures together to see what they all look like next to each other.

I’m bored with my bath towels.  My bathroom decor, in general, I love.  I love the wall color so much that I painted it in two apartments now!  And I’m certain I will be painting it again, should I move.  But I currently have bright lime green and dark, almost-crimson red solid colored towels.  And I love finding things that go nicely together, but I don’t want matchy-matchy decor.  (As in, having towels/shower curtain/soap dispenser/rug/etc. all from the same collection.)  And I love details and unique features, such as prints instead of solids, texture details, etc., but I think having four or six bath towels that all have the same pattern might be too much. 

So I had this idea…  What if I had four or six towels/hand towels/washcloths that have beautiful unique details, but are all unique from each other?  In somewhat coordinated color schemes, that look nice with my beloved wall colors?  And most fun of all, I could collect them slowly over time, as I find things I really love.  How fun is that?  🙂

So, I don’t have my heart set on the towels you see above.  In fact, I think I need to rethink some of the color choices up there.  I just wanted to put a few different towels next to each other to see what this might feel like in my bathroom.

How do you decorate your bathroom?  How do you decide what colors of towels and walls and whatnot you put together?  Do you love it for a long time, or do you get bored with decor and like to change things up?

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