Book Report #5: Big Green Purse

Big Green Purse by Diane MacEachern….finished!  Lots of good ideas; keeping for a reference when it comes to issues that may come up in the future: kids, remodeling, purchasing a car, etc.  The big idea:  In order to truly make a positive impact on the environment, we need to put our money in products and services that positively impact the environment.  Every part of the book was about considering “green” products and services from the perspective of your budget.  For example, in the area of cosmetics and personal care items, Ms. MacEachern suggests starting with making changes in the products that you leave on your skin (lotion, makeup), and switch out things like shampoo and soap only as your budget allows.  Another suggestion was to allot a percentage of your budget in each area to spend on “green” products and services.  For example, consider spending 10% of your food budget on organic and environmentally friendly choices, to start with.  You can slowly spend more as you find things you like, and as your budget adjusts. 

My favorite thing about this book was that nothing suggested changing a lot all at once.  Also, nothing was an emotional plea to change.  It was assumed that there is value in being conscious of the impact of our daily life on the environment and acting responsibly towards our choices.  This wasn’t a book to convince us.  It was straight information about many different (big and small) ways we can take action.


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