Snow Day!

The joy of snow days: They don’t make more work for tomorrow!  If I take a day off from work because I’m sick or for a personal day, I have more work the following day.  The sub holds things together, but he or she does not plan lessons or grade papers or make decisions, for the most part.  On a snow day, absolutely EVERYTHING that I was going to do today gets pushed to tomorrow, and it goes on.  If I remember correctly, today would have been the 91st day of school.  Because of this snow day, tomorrow will be the 91st day of school.  There will still be 175 days of school this year.  I don’t have to cram day 91 and 92 into the same day, so to speak.  Everything is just…on hold. 

Therefore, on snow days, I try to do that with the rest of my life as well.  If I feel like paying bills, I do it.  If I feel like cleaning the house, great.  If I feel like sitting on the couch all day, that’s what I’m going to do.  It’s a benefit of being a teacher, a delightful benefit, and I intend to take advantage.

Today so far I have completely binged on t.v., and watched the snow fall outside my living room window.  Delightful and peaceful.


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