Funny how things work together…

I just finished the last post about my non-conforming student and his creation, when I saw this video on Facebook!  How appropriate, wouldn’t you say?  This is well worth your 11 minutes, and very easy to pay attention with the animation. 

This year I’ve been thinking about kids for whom school “isn’t their thing.”  They just aren’t built for the sitting and the raising of hands and the choosing of correct answers.  Me?  School was my thing.  I waited to be called upon.  I sat in my seat.  And I rocked a multiple-choice test like nobody’s business.  My ACT scores definitely do NOT reflect my intelligence…but they show my crazy genius when it comes to multiple choice questions.  🙂  It’s only fitting that I am now a teacher.  Except for one thing…the more I teach, the less I care if my kids sit still, raise their hand, or think there is one correct answer.  The longer I teach, the more I find myself challenged to open my own mind to other possible answers, for everything.  And to stop waiting to be called on, and to stop agreeing with everyone else unless I actually agree.  And the more I want to push the kid who makes balloon creations to stay creative, and the less I want to beat it out of him by making him sit and raise his hand.


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