DPP 2010 – December 14

One of my young men walked in and handed me this creation this morning.  “Miss B, I made a decoration for Christmas.”  Well my goodness, I’ve never seen anything like this.  How did you do it?  “I blew up this balloon, and then I attached balloons that were not blown up down here.”  It is fantastic.  What should we do with it? 

And then we got interrupted, and the creator wandered off.  A couple minutes later, he was back.  “I’ve decided I would like to hang it on the door, so that when people come in they can walk through the ends.”  Okay, you bet.  Go find me some tape!  🙂

This moment, with this kid, is why I love teaching!  When people say they don’t like kids, when people say kids are “icky” or “scary” or whatever, I think they don’t realize that kids are people just like you and me.  Actually, I think they are individuals more than most adults are.  Conformity is something that we learn along the way, and kids who don’t yet value conformity are the most creative, interesting, and enjoyable creatures on earth!  I have quite a few non-conformist kids in my class this year, and I love it!


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