I have ten minutes before I need to leave.  By the time I get home, I will be 29. 

Thanks to someone who signed us up for the run, the Jingle Jam 5K people think I’m already 29…  Not that they care…  😛

One year ago, on the eve of my 28th birthday, I was feeling…late.  Deficient.  Empty.  Sad.  27 was a hard year.  One year ago, it was just me and the emptiness.  But I don’t want to think about that anymore.

28 was a healing year…but I’m not done yet.  I don’t want my 29th birthday yet, not because I’m worried about a number on my driver’s license or anxious about the last year of my 20s, but because I feel like I’m in the middle of this huge project, and I’m not done.  I don’t want a milestone right now, I’m too busy healing.

That’s what life is like, though.  I can relate to the cultures who don’t celebrate birthdays at all, because it’s an artificial marker in the journey.  It doesn’t mean much.  Maybe more for my parents…29 years ago today was their last day of childlessness.  🙂  But for me?  Not a big deal. 

I wonder what this year will bring.  28 didn’t bring anything that you can see on the outside.  Same job, same apartment, mostly the same friends…  New haircut, I guess.  🙂  Everything that changed was on the inside. 

And not as much changed as I would have liked…but I don’t care.  It takes as long as it takes, no matter what day of the year it is. 

So…onward!  Onward to more healing, more happiness, more adventure.  Onward to growth and change and chasing a life worth living!


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  1. Mom
    Dec 12, 2010 @ 07:49:12

    You won’t really be 29 until about 10:30 tonight. You have a few more hours. Happy birthday. Love you.


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