Bummed. Materialistically, anyway.

“We live in a material world, and I am a material girl.  Or boy.”  100 bonus points to whoever can name that movie.  🙂

This little device has made my life so much more convenient over the past few months.  Finally, finally, I had my dream of one-device-does-all!  Phone, music, calendar, alarm clock, calculator, place to store random reminder notes, all in one place.  It was so easy.  It was so convenient.  It was so quick.  Just one thing to carry while I was running, instead of music player plus phone.  Smaller to carry in my purse than my old paper date book.  Easier to keep track of than post-it grocery lists.  Nicer to wake up to than a hotel alarm clock.

But wait, let me tell you the best part:  Despite everything I used it for, I charged it maybe twice a week.  Maybe.

Do I sound like I’m selling them?  😛

Well, let me tell you what happened after I fell in love with my phone.  We had ten great months together.  We went places, we shared music, we talked to people.  And then, one day, while I was talking on my phone and walking Pal, I dropped it!  On the concrete!!!  And the inside screen broke.  Now, it’s black except for the very upper right hand corner.  To make a long story short, many features are only available on the inside screen, not on the smaller outside screen.

So I had to re-activate my old phone, and now I’m charging it twice a day and juggling multiple devices and a paper calendar.  Again.

The lovely blue phone is no longer a phone.  Not a calendar.  Not an alarm clock.  Now it’s just a music player.  As a music player, it’s great.  (It would be better if I had access to the inside screen features, such as deleting songs or creating playlists or typing in a song or artist to search in my collection.)  But the dream was to have one device that did all of the things I use most often.  And for a little while, I had the dream.  It’s so much harder to go back.  I loved my pink phone, when I first got it.  (Of course, when I first got it, it held a charge longer than 18 hours!)  But now, the fact that it’s pink doesn’t do much for me, compared to what I loved about the blue phone.

(If they would make it in pink as well, you know I would have gotten it!)

A friend of mine lost two Blackberries and a third phone to a glass of water, a bathtub, and a hot tub, respectively, over the past few months.  She is now using her husband’s old phone, and her husband says no more phones!  She is materialistically bummed, too.

It’s materialistic, yes.  But it’s not because I want to be cool with the latest toy.  It’s not because I want people to see me with an expensive gadget.  It’s because I liked what it could do!!!  I loved plugging it into the speakers in my classroom and having all my music accessible even while I was at work.  I loved making plans when I could check my calendar immediately without digging out a paper date book.  I loved that I could fire off a text message so quick on the QWERTY key pad, unlike using the number/letter buttons.

I have had absolutely no phone envy since I’ve had this phone.  (Interesting, because it’s an LG env3.  Pronounced “envy three.”  Haha!)  There is nothing on anyone else’s phone that I think I need.  I don’t need whatever a Blackberry can do.  I don’t need what a touch-screen can do.  I don’t need a Droid.  I don’t need internet and email on my phone, truly, I’d rather not.  I have exactly what I use, and nothing more.

I had exactly what I used, and nothing more.

I’m thinking about this:  It is not worth it to me to shell out $300 for a new one, considering they are practically free when you wait for your two years to be up.  A lot less than $300, anyway.  However…to fix it might be around $75.  Still, I think that’s more than what I paid for it, and I feel like I should find it frivolous and unneccesary.  But, I would sacrafice that value.  Maybe one or two new pairs of shoes?  A few months of Starbucks and Scooters?  Five or six new cd’s?  A few new books?  Cutting Pal’s hair myself the next two times instead of taking him to the groomer?  I would happily give up any of those things just to have my phone back…so maybe I will.  I don’t want to be materialistic, but I used it.  Nearly every feature of it.

If, the next time I get a new phone, I find a QWERTY, music-playing, calendar-organizing phone that is pink, I will be alight with materialistic joy!


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  1. Doris
    Jul 31, 2010 @ 21:36:33

    Sounds like the blue phone morphed from want to have to need to have after you experienced it. Some things are like that.


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