May Goals

April Goals:

Health/Wellness Goals:

* Fit in a workout at least four times per week.  Not so good.  I’ve exercised about once a week, which I suppose is better than nothing.  This one needs work.

* Drink at least 5 green smoothies per week.  Along with the workout goal, this has been neglected.  I had a green smoothie yesterday, though.  🙂

* Pack my lunch for work at least four days a week.  No problem.  I can’t believe how fast this habit turned around.  I just need to keep doing what I’m doing with this one.

Work Goals:

* Prep the next day’s materials before I leave at night.  This goal was SUCH a good idea!  Minor setback the past few days: One of my girlies “cleaned off” my teaching table one afternoon, and kept going with the shelf behind it…and now I can’t find anything!  🙂  The funniest part is, her comment was:  “Look, Miss B!  Now we can all get smarter because you can find everything better!”  Um, thank you.  I’m still thanking her, four days of school later.  Today she and I searched for a particular book for about 20 minutes while the other kids worked.  (She’s not in trouble, you understand.  She’s comfortable enough to move all my stuff, and I’m comfortable with her searching through my stuff.  Help for me, fun for her!)  I saw her stacking papers, and it was a mess that day, but I’m not sure what I was thinking when I let her little project continue!

Personal Goals:

* Go to bed, lights off, by 10:30 most nights.  Not so bad.  Most nights, lights were off by 10:30. 

* Get up 30 minutes early to have devotions most mornings.  I did this about once a week.  Better than nothing, but this is the most important one.  So as always, I will try again tomorrow.  🙂

May Goals:

*Fit in 3 workouts per week.  I’m going to decrease the goal, to make it more attainable.  More than I’m doing now, but not out of the zone of what feels possible.  The time for a goal of 4 or 5 workouts per week will come later.

* More green smoothies!  I’m keeping this goal at 5 per week.  Likely in the evening.  I’m enjoying granola and yogurt for breakfast these days, and it’s quicker than making a smoothie.

* Keep my spending reigned in.  Would I rather have Starbucks or go on vacation?  Would I rather have this cd or go on vacation?  With tuition for my masters classes, I can’t just do whatever I want anymore.  (This is good for me.  I shouldn’t just do whatever I want anyway.  I should have more awareness of where my money goes.  Ah, the joys of being single and having few responsibilities!  You know “pink is the new black” or whatever?  Pre-parenthood, pre-homeownership life is the new childhood!  🙂 )  (But not this year.  Responsibility.  Budgets.  Less Starbucks, more Folgers.  Less Borders, more library.  At least, if I want to go on vacation!)


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