The Middle Name of the 14th Blessing

My favorite family from school welcomed their 14th child last Thursday.  Number 12, who I have nicknamed Moon for the purpose of this blog, was in my class last year.  She turned 3 just two days before school started, and she was pretty much attached to me at the hip all year long.  Sometimes on Friday mornings, when my kids are at art class and the preschoolers are having recess, I go outside or to the gym and have a little cuddle time with my little Moon-girl.  This Friday, she was especially anxious to know if I was coming.  Bless her heart for still wanting to tell me her stories!  🙂

So I delivered my kids to art, and went to the gym.  And Moon-girl sat on my lap for about 15 minutes and told me all about her new baby sister.  (Names are changed, of course, but I can’t tell this story just with Moon.)  What’s her name?  “Jessica.”  Oh, that’s pretty.  What’s her middle name?  “Kauffman.”  Um…that’s your last name.  “Yeah.  Jessica Kauffman.”  No, I mean what’s her middle name?  “It’s Kauffman.  Same as me.”  Well, you are Melanie Moon Kauffman.  What’s Jessica’s whole name?  “Jessica Kauffman.”


I’ll ask the big kids.  🙂

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  1. Mom
    May 03, 2010 @ 09:28:35

    It is so wonderful to hear of families who joyfully welcome a large number of the most valuable gifts God gives to humans for safekeeping. Congrats to your little Moon and her family.


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