April Goals

There is a blog I’ve recently begun to follow, sneakerteacher.blogspot.com, who uses her blog to set monthly goals.  At the beginning of each month, she reviews last month’s goals, and sets goals for the upcoming month.  She seems to keep some of the same goals, or just change them a little depending on what happened the previous month.  I thought I would give it a go this month.

Health/Wellness Goals:

* Fit in a workout at least four times per week.  I want to run another 5K this year.  And I have a very serious goal to beat 35:00 the next time around.  It may not sound like a big deal to you, but I’m carrying about 30 extra pounds with me when I run that my knees would prefer not to carry, so 35:00 is pretty stinkin’ good!  And to do that, it’s going to take some work.  I’m busy, but this is important.

* Drink at least 5 green smoothies per week.  You know, as opposed to not eating anything alive.

* Pack my lunch for work at least four days a week.  You know, as opposed to getting McDonalds.  Or gas station food.

Work Goals:

* Prep the next day’s materials before I leave at night.  It eliminates so much stress to arrive at school with everything laid out and ready!

Personal Goals:

* Go to bed, lights off, by 10:30 most nights.  (As I write this at 10:49….)

* Get up 30 minutes early to have devotions most mornings.  I may be writing this goal last, but it will have the greatest impact of all of these goals.

There is nothing special about any of these goals.  They are all things I strive to do anyway, or things that I’ve been thinking might be a good idea.  I just wonder if writing them down, and reflecting on them before adjusting my goals for next month, might be helpful.


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