I went to Half Price Books today.  Didn’t find what I was looking for.  Usually don’t.  🙂  It’s like thrift shopping.  (Actually, it is thrift shopping, just for a specific category of items.)  If you like it, if it’s a fun thing to do, do it whenever.  If you want it to take the place of part of your “new” shopping, you have to go regularly, and take advantage when you find good things.  A couple of weeks ago, I saw two copies of a book that I’d been hoping to borrow from a friend, and I didn’t buy one of them.  After talking more with the friend, I realized that I’d probably want to keep this particular book for rereading and passing along to other friends, so I went back today thinking that if there were two copies then, there should be at least one now. 

No such luck.

HOWEVER, I have been on the lookout for Sound of Melodies for awhile now.  Yay!  Leeland is awesome.  They write good stuff.  I love the song “Tears of the Saints” off Sound of Melodies, having listened to it over and over on Myspace when I was starting to get into Leeland.  (Go to www.myspace.com/leelandmusic and scroll down the music player to find it.)  You know I’ll let you know what else I like after I listen to it for awhile!  🙂


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