Sunday Gratitudes

I gave up coffee for Lent.  It is catching up with me today.  This morning at choir, I was just so irritated with people’s little mistakes:  We should be singing an E there, not a C.  That’s a 2/4 measure, we have to come in right away.  And all the “What did she say?  What was that?”  Argh!  My thought (that did not come out my mouth, thankyouverymuch!) was what the heck are you doing here if you don’t want to pay attention and do a good job!!!!  I had such a hard time remembering that it’s only so easy for me because of years of training, and as always, I shouldn’t expect everyone to be like me!  I wish my first reaction wasn’t always to push my own perfectionism onto everyone else!


In one of my classes, we’ve been learning about right-brain processes and left-brain processes.  Most people are more inclined to gravitate toward one or the other, but we all have both.  The textbook says that creativity is the ability to use both.  Having great ideas and being able to express yourself easily, as well as having organization and language and structure to make those expressions come to fruition.  Artists and musicians, with all of their craziness and randomness, are really good at pulling those random things into the structure of their product.  Likewise, a business-minded person who is awesome at connecting their product to the people who might want to buy it.

So, theoretically, I suppose it would be beneficial for people to work on the processes they don’t generally like so well. 

Don’t ask me why I’ve been thinking about that.  Just trying to figure out how to make myself better…at whatever…as always. 


I am grateful

…for a short assignment for my online class this week.

…for my fresh pineapple that I’m still enjoying!

…for a clean bedroom and a neatly made bed to make my home feel calm and nurturing.

…for things like the Disney Channel sitcoms, and Hallmark Channel movies, and reruns of Full House, and the Duggars’ shows…nice, safe, funny, comforting, “gently entertaining” entertainment to distract when I just can’t bear to know more about the awful place the world can be sometimes.

…for my Swiffer.  🙂


Nobody’s gonna come and save us / We’ve pulled too many false alarms… / …Don’t you think we oughta know by now? / Don’t you think we should’ve learned somehow?     –John Mayer, “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room”


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