Friday Gratitudes

I am grateful for…

1.  The safe birth of my friend’s daughter this afternoon.

2.  The opportunity to go to bed early tonight.  Thank you, Lord!

3.  My student AE, who said of a coworker who is out on medical leave:  “When I was sleeping I dreamed that Ms. S. was not sick anymore, and she didn’t have the fevers, and she comed back to school.”  The fevers…it was beyond adorable!

4.  The rhythm of the seasons, the fact that each part of the year is temporary, the way once you’re really, really, really tired of one extreme, it’s almost time for the next season.

5.  Houseplants.  Love my houseplants.  A little taste of spring and summer and things that are alive.

I wanna break all the madness, but it’s all I have.  –Nick Jonas and the Administration, “Who I Am”


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