Gratitudes, round 2!

It’s time for gratitudes once again.  I just deleted two paragraphs of complaining.  No more.  This is one of the few situations where I believe in faking emotion.  Complaining is selfish, and selfishness breeds selfishness.  I will be grateful until I feel grateful.

1.  I am so, incredibly, monumentally grateful for good parents who taught us respect and good manners.  It’s not a small thing.  It’s a big, important thing.  I am so lucky.  I do not remember being coached to say, “Yes, please,” and “No, thank you.”  I do not remember being directed to apologize.  I vaguely remember being required to say, “May I please be excused?” after a meal.  I think my virtually nonexistent recollection proves that it is not a fake-ish thing, to train children to display good manners.  Training them to say thank you as a child turns them into adults who display genuine gratitude to others.

I hope.  If I have poor manners, I hope my mother will still point it out!

(I do remember being taught to make the bed after sleeping at someone else’s house.  I remember making the bed after sleeping over at friends’ houses in elementary school.  I’m pretty sure we were even told to make the bed at hotels.  I feel quite uncomfortable leaving a hotel room without at least pulling up the covers and straightening the pillows.)

2.  I am grateful for the years and years spent playing piano and clarinet.  I wouldn’t be who I am without those hours of practice.

3.  I am grateful for Youtube, and people who don’t mind live videos recorded from the audience of their concerts to be available on Youtube.  🙂 

4.  I am grateful for quinoa!

5.  I am grateful for the pup sleeping in the next room….

…and as a bonus gratitude for the evening…

6.  I am grateful for things that make me more grateful for my dog!  Never underestimate the joy and comfort of a pet!  🙂


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Mom
    Feb 19, 2010 @ 21:07:15

    You are most welcome! Love you.


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