“Graduate Student”

Two weeks into it…I like being a “graduate student!”  🙂  I put quotation marks because I’m not sure it counts when you’re pulling in a full-time paycheck while you do it.  It’s not quite the raw experience of having not had a good income for six years or more.  You know, crappy apartment with roommates, college car, ramen noodles, doing free things on Friday and Saturday nights.  My period of being a “graduate student” is definitely not an extension of college living.  I live in my same apartment and drive my same car as I did a year ago.  I still go to restaurants and theaters and I plan to go on vacation.  (Not that I didn’t do those things in college, I suppose…)

But I like it because I thrive on being busy.  I love it.  I’m hoping it makes me go to bed at night, because I had no problem with that in college!  So far, not so good in that respect, but I’m still transitioning into this new season in my life.  I had parent-teacher conferences this week, plus I had late assignments to work on because my textbooks for one class had not arrived yet.  But I am hopeful that I will fall into a rhythm that includes sleeping.

(That’s not why I did this.  But sleep is the bane of my existence for the past few years, and I’m hopeful that anything can help at this point!)

So, why did I do this?  It’s just time.  I’ve been talking about it for 3 or 4 years now, it’s time to get to it.  I just know I’m supposed to.  It feels right.  God wants me to.  Women’s intuition.  In other words, I don’t really know.  🙂  It’s just the same thing as last year when I knew I wasn’t supposed to.  Last year, thinking about starting on my masters gave me an actual physical stomach ache, even though I couldn’t find any valid reason not to do it.  This year, when I considered the possibility, I felt peaceful and quiet, and a strange sort of engagement and excitement.  If I’m being honest, I wonder if it’s a distraction from the focus on weddings and babies that has been in my life recently.  If so, that’s fine.  I’m not distracting myself with heroin or porn.  🙂  Grad school might be just as expensive as those habits could be, but much more beneficial!

The pay raise will be nice.  With all the rumors going around about pay freezes and whatnot, it might be the only way I’ll get a raise next year.  And the year after that.  Either way, I’ll make more than I would have without a masters.  If I do want to buy a house on my own, this is really the only way to do it, apart from a change in careers. 

I really am learning things that I can use right away in my classroom, which is another perk.  At the moment, learning styles and the learning cycle, and the research behind various methods of classroom management.  So far, in just two weeks, I predict that the learning cycle class will be very beneficial.  I predict that the classroom management class will be interesting, but in general I don’t have issues with management.  I chose the classroom management class just because I don’t have a name or an official method for what I do, and I guess I want to know how to describe it.  I like what I do, but if there are things I can learn to make it even better, that would be awesome.

{Side story:  One thing I’ve been reading about is the “level of power.”  I have discovered that in comparison to other methods, I want very little power in my classroom.  Structure is wonderful, control is not.  In my opinion, anyway.  I did not see that, because I would have guessed that I have more power, because I’m satisfied with the management of my classroom.  I figure I’d rather my students do the right thing whether I’m looking at them or not.  Therefore, I don’t particularly want power.  I want them to have power, and I want them to know what to do and why.  In the end, it’s their choice that matters, not my level of control over them.}

{I’m sure there will be a hundred more little discoveries like that before the semester is over.}


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  1. Joan
    Feb 01, 2010 @ 11:26:48

    Good for you. It is always a good thing when anyone betters their education. Love You


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