Living Boldly

One of my favorite bloggers, MckMama, encouraged me to live boldly in 2010.

Well, me and all the other hundreds or thousands of people who read her blog.  But her words spoke to me so clearly that I can almost believe she was writing me a letter.  Why?  Because I care much too much what people think. 

Today I would like to encourage you to blog boldly. too. Or whatever. Live boldly. Parent boldly. Work boldly. Love boldly. Blog, live, parent, work, love according to your beliefs. From your core. Because you value your character and not because you want to be comfortable. Take no heed (or at least as little heed as you humanly can) to what others say or to what you think they are thinking. After all, God does not care about our comfort level. Nor does He judge us by what others say. He judges us by His standards, regardless of what the world thinks of us.

It is tempting to blog as though everything is wonderful.  As though I am wonderful.  When I am not wonderful, when I am a lazy, procrastinating, selfish, sinful mess, I often leave my blog alone for days or weeks at a time, because I don’t want the world to see that I do not have it all together.

Lest you miss my point, let me assure you that I know it is not wrong not to blog.  Of course!  🙂  The point is that I want the world to think I have it all together, even when I don’t.  I want the world to think I am strong in my faith, even when I’m not.  I want the world to think I am giving, even when I’m selfish.  I want the world to think I am organized, even when I’m a mess.  And on and on.

I want to be strong in faith, giving, organized, and on and on, and I should want to be those things more than I want the world to see me as those things.  But here is the point:  When I’m not, it is better to be honest and authentic than to be fake.  And it is hard to be honest.  It can be uncomfortable to be honest.  It’s so easy to think, I’m going to act like I have it all together, because after I ___, then I will have it all together and it won’t be dishonest.  That entire attitude is rooted in the value of what other people think.  But there is very little value in what other people think.  The only question in my mind should be, what does God think? 

Who has God created me to be?  What situation has God placed me in at this moment in my life?  How can I allow God to build my character?

Beginning 2010, what does God think? 

The goals I feel called to pursue this year:

1.  Try one new recipe per week, give or take.  (If I’m out of town for five days, for example, I might let it go for that week.)  I would like to get in a better habit of cooking at home more than getting take-out or microwave meals, and I think I need to find more recipes that I like.  I have all these cookbooks, and I like cooking magazines, and it’s time to take advantage.  Plus, I love eating vegetarian and vegan, because it feels so good, but I need more knowledge and familiarity with vegan dishes.  Otherwise I try not to buy meat very often, but I don’t know what to cook, so I end up getting Taco Bell.  I would have been better off, financially and health-wise, buying meat in the first place!  🙂 

2.  Write to my sponsor-child in Kenya.  A lot.  Her name is Marie, and she is 7.  She speaks French, goes to school, and likes to play with dolls.  I have been sponsoring her for almost three years.  Some correspondence from this end is long overdue.

3.  Run two 5K races, one in the spring and one in the fall.  Running 5Ks is something I enjoy, and it keeps me in the habit of exercising, which keeps my body healthy.  I only get this one body for this one life.  I will never be “finished” exercising, I need to drop the mentality of reaching a certain weight, and build a habit instead.

4.  My “self-project” (a term borrowed from a friend):  Life experience related to buying a house.  I will probably not buy a house in 2010.  But, it’s time to figure out how to be more responsible with my finances.  Renting for years is just money down the drain.  There are good reasons to rent, but I don’t have too many good reasons anymore.  I need to move forward toward buying something.  I’m not yet certain of the steps I will take, but some things I’ve been considering: 

-Continuing to save toward a down payment.  (And stop spend that savings on things like new tires!  Perhaps I need other savings for those kinds of things.)  🙂

-Continue to look at houses for sale online, to be familiar with what I can afford and what areas I would like to consider.

-Look into townhouses or condos.  Discern pros and cons of a townhouse versus a house.

-Possibly renting a house when my apartment lease is up, to get a feel for the day-to-day issues that come with home ownership, without diving right into the financial responsibility for the property.

There are others, but they all seem to be things I’m always working on.  These are the things that are fresh, for me to focus on in 2010 and then move forward from there when 2010 is over.  Perhaps I will be done preparing to buy a house.  Perhaps I will be in a good habit of exercising and running 5Ks and I won’t need it as a goal.  Regardless of what happens during 2010, these are four goals that I would like to look back on and see the progress, and then let go.

How will you live boldly in 2010?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Becky
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 00:02:32

    Good for you! And FWIW, I think everyone is trying to appear like they have it together to the world. I know I am!


  2. Mom
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 18:09:08

    Also if you act as if you (insert whatever trait you want), you may soon be better at that. For example, smile anyway when you are not feeling like it, and pretty soon you are happier.


  3. Tara
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 19:38:11

    How was your day back in your own room?


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