Good choices breed other good choices.  For example, when you start exercising, you find yourself wanting to eat healthy foods.  You just have to start one good habit, and soon, others follow.

I think the concept here is momentum.  You do one thing, you gain momentum, and things keep going in that direction.

Today I spent four hours in my new classroom, unpacking boxes, arranging tables and shelves.  I’m just itching to get back in there and get at it again tomorrow.  Tomorrow I need to put up bulletin boards, put away all the junk from the boxes that covers the tables, put the chairs around the tables. 

{Bulletin boards=background and boarder on all the boards, and CAFE strategies (comprehension, accuracy, fluency, expanding vocabulary) and calendar math on two of the boards.  Just transferring what we’ve used so far this year to a new classroom.}

{Junk=math manipulatives, literacy manipulatives, science supplies, etc.}

{Put the chairs around the tables=decide where I want everyone to sit.  Their names are on their chairs, not the tables, so that I can rearrange them easily on the fly if I need to.}

On Wednesday I hope to have the room all put together and be ready to delve into curriculum and write lesson plans for the first week back.

And thanks to momentum, I am not upset about losing days to sleep in or lay around and watch Christmas movies.  It feels so good to have everything organized and prepared, that I am itching to get back to work!


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