And Repeat Again!

ANOTHER day!!!  The plan for tomorrow…sleep in, do laundry, watch more Grey’s, maybe mop the floors?  NOT teaching first graders, though!


My mother left the following comment on my last post:  “This sounds more like the Dawn I know. Are you sure you weren’t eating too much beef the last few weeks? It is about how your attitude was as a little kid with it.”  My first instinct is to say, Mo-THER!  I am not a little kid anymore!  You shouldn’t be telling me what to eat or not eat!

But my second instinct is…she might be right.  Darn it.  The beef, and the sugar.  All the sugar.

Darn it.


I’ve been so saturated with Grey’s over the past few days, that I’m starting to absorb it into my thinking about other things.

First of all, have you noticed that when the doctors are eating lunch at the hospital, they always have fresh fruits and veggies?  Hmm…I wonder if doctors really eat like that.  They should.  Everyone should, of course.  But I’ve noticed that when I think about how my body works, how the organs actually digest the food, I want to eat healthy things.  I know how great green smoothies are for me, because my body knows just what to do with fruits and vegetables.  I know how much my body likes things like nuts, legumes, and whole grains.  I know that when I put something like candy in my body, my cells have to sort out carbs and fat from preservatives and food coloring.  When I think about how my organs and cells work, a candy bar doesn’t sound like food.  Neither does a sucker, or soda, or jello.

And remember when Meredith drowned, and Derek pulled her out of the water, and while she was dead she met her mother, and she got the one moment of mothering that she had been needing her entire life?  That moment makes me cry, every time.  “You are anything but ordinary, Meredith.”  What power our mothers have to break us.  And how hard it is to put yourself back together when that happens.  And how Meredith needed that moment!

And remember when Meredith and Derek’s dog was put to sleep?  Makes me cry every time.

And remember when Meredith and Derek had a fight at work, and then Meredith was surprised to see him show up at home, because she’d never made up with a boyfriend before?  “From now on, you can expect that I’m going to show up.  Even if I yell.  Even if you yell.  I’m always going to show up.”

And Bailey telling Meredith how to be a teacher:  “Whether you like it or not, your job is to help her be a better doctor.  So help her.”

{And remember when there was a third snow day and I really needed to do something else with my time?  :)}


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