Three Unrelated Blog Stories :)

I just feel like blogging…been working for a couple of days on a topic that I’m not ready to “go public” with yet, but it has been very cathartic to write about and eventually it will be great to get it out there.  But tonight…

I’m drinking a banana/pineapple/grape/spinach smoothie, made with my new blender.  The one I bought almost two years ago bit the dust the other day.  I read that when you live a green smoothie lifestyle, a regular blender will last about a year.  I figure if I can get nearly two years out of a $35 blender, I’m doing just fine.  I actually ended up buying one of the same brand, Oster, but a little higher quality with some better features.  The pitcher is glass, not plastic, and the lid is higher quality.  The motor is better.  It comes with a “food processor” attachment, and it seems a little quieter.  I like the brand because the moving parts are all metal, instead of the plastic that the other brands use.  When I’m making green smoothies daily, I want moving parts that are going to last!

I have a cold!  I didn’t sleep well last night, and I’m hoping tonight is better.  It’s nothing compared to my mystery illness in August/September, but it’s not pleasant.  (Sarah and I have decided in our professional opinion that I probably had H1N1.  🙂  It followed the pattern of other people I know who have had it, including nausea and fever, followed closely by aches and flu-like symptoms, and rounding out the experience with killer secondary infections, in my case, pharyngitis and bronchitis.  I like latching onto that idea, because if so, I don’t need to be concerned about it anymore.  Also, it doesn’t make me feel like a baby for staying sick for so long.  I mean, if you’re sick you’re sick, and if we knew how to not be sick, nobody would ever be sick for longer than ten minutes, but I can say, “Hey, I had the hini flu!”  Plus, I don’t need to worry about whether or not to try and get the shot, should it ever become available to me.  Darn it, I wish the PA had done a flu test!  Is there such a thing as an H1N1 immunity test?)  In any case, I’m not lay-on-the-couch-all-day, can’t-barely-walk-the-dog sick, but I wish it were about three days from now so I could feel better.  And as my coworker Kelli recently said while she had the same cold, “There is nothing so unattractive as a sick person trying to sleep!”

Last year during a preschool staff development meeting, there was a question about pressure from the kindergarten teachers to prepare the preschoolers for the traditional school setting of kindergarten.  You know, get them used to the idea that they won’t have choices, that they will have to sit still and quiet for longer periods of time, that school is not about fun.  An early childhood consultant said the following:

“If you knew your children wouldn’t have any food starting tomorrow, would you starve them today to prepare them?  No, you would feed them as well as you could today, to prepare them.”

I don’t know if it was her idea or if she was quoting someone else, but this year I feel like I’m the one starving the children.  Preschool in our district is very progressive and non-traditional, and I fell in love with it.  It absolutely fits what I believe about how children learn best.

I need to start thinking more about the things I like about teaching first grade.

At the same time, if preschool is the right place for me…


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