Sarah & Jon



Our family has grown once again!  It is such a blessing to add two siblings in one year.  Yesterday Sarah and Jon got married, and no matter what he tells you, Jon is lucky and thrilled to have me for a sister-in-law!  🙂  And seriously, I am happy to welcome him to the family!

The maid of honor traditionally gives a speech at a wedding reception.  I would imagine that the maid of honor is traditionally nervous for that speech!  And I am nothing if not traditional.  🙂  So I don’t know exactly what I said.  I know what I meant to say, and I hope that’s the message that came across.

Here is what I hope I said:

Sarah and I have been best friends for a long time now.  We were born just 23 months apart, so I don’t remember her not being there, and she obviously doesn’t remember me not being there.  We started out doing everything together, from playing when we were supposed to be sleeping, to being “two moms” to all our stuffed animals, to having picnics outside with saltines and apple slices.

Sarah is my best friend, and she always will be.

Sarah has always been a good influence, a good example of how to live, and a strong leader.  As we have grown up a little more the past few years, and we have –hopefully!– each been growing in our faith, I have seen Sarah be a good influence on the faith of the people around her.  But since she met Jon, there has been one thing stuck in my head:

Let your light shine before men, so that they might see your good works and praise your Father in heaven.

Together, Sarah and Jon seem to have a light that shines.  They both have such a servant heart, always wanting to know what they can do to make someone’s life easier.  They both want to be a good example to those around them, to do the right thing whether or not it is popular or comfortable.  They ask everyone around them, in so many ways with their words and their actions, “What can I do to help you today?”

I’m sure Sarah and Jon have been given plenty of good advice today.  Many people have prayed for them today, and we will continue to pray for them.  I can’t say anything else better than it has been said today.  So let me finish with two verses from Romans, in a section with the fitting heading “Marks of the True Christian.”

Do not lag in zeal, be ardent in spirit, serve the Lord.  Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, –and we all pray you won’t have too much of that!– and persevere in prayer.

Congratulations, Sarah and Jon!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tara
    Nov 16, 2009 @ 21:41:50

    I LOVE this picture! It is so great of all of you! Your parents should have it on their wall or something of all of their children!


  2. Betty
    Nov 17, 2009 @ 17:15:08

    Ditto! This is a great picture. Please email it to me so I can get a print of it. Thanks!


  3. Mom
    Nov 18, 2009 @ 18:29:04

    This is one of my favorites too. I love the way all 6 of you look so happy and ready to take on the world.


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