Not Me Monday

When one of my students held up a living, wiggling cricket for me to see, I did not shriek, jump back three feet, and yell at the top of my lungs, “Either KILL it, or take it OUTSIDE!!!”  I am the adult, and I would never allow my childish fears to get in the way of my authority in the classroom!

At the same time, I did not find myself unable to kill a poor defenseless worm that I found in my apartment, and instead gently scoop it onto an old receipt to free it outside!  Despite the fact that it won’t survive out there much longer anyway, due to the colder weather.  If I do have an irrational fear of small wiggly creatures, (and I most certainly do not!), it would not be made even further irrational by discriminating against one form of “small wiggly” over another!

I recently bought a mop.  I did not wait two weeks before actually using it.  After mopping for the first time, I most certainly did not hang the mop upside down from my bathroom towel rod to dry.  After letting it dry for a few days, I did not suddenly realize that it has a hole in the handle, and I could simply hang it from a hook, politely hidden in a closet, rather than taking up valuable towel rod space in the bathroom!


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