*Sigh…*  Just when I’m getting really motivated about my job…

I stayed home sick today.  I have a tried-and-true pattern for stomach viruses, and whatever that was, it didn’t follow my pattern!  But it was fast, and I appreciate that.  I’m told (via the dependable internet, and by friends) that if it’s fast like that, it means it was food poisoning.  And I have identified a likely culprit, some expired fresh spinach that I ate.  (So, to all who might scoff at my usual rigidness regarding expiration dates…I tried it your way, and your way made me puke.)  🙂

I also appreciate SubFinder!!!  I was talking to a friend on the phone last night, who is also a teacher, and he has to actually call a list of subs when he’s sick.  Ugh!  When you’re sick, that’s the last thing you would want to do!  A person should just be able to call in sick to their job, when they’re sick, and let other people take care of their job for a day.  Teachers give of themselves a lot for their jobs, and there are some perks most people take for granted that teachers never experience.  I appreciate that calling in sick is one perk I have.

I spent the day eating small quantities of random foods, trying to figure out what I can stomach so that I can get back to normal.  Apple bread is good, potato salad is not.  (Don’t ask me what made me think it would be…)  And the best thing in the world today…Progresso lentil soup!  I don’t quite remember buying it, but I saw the can in the cupboard and thought it might be a good bland-ish food with plenty of water and no meat and that salty soup flavor that you crave when you’re dehydrated…and it was awesome!

And water.  Lots and lots of cold water to drink.

I also spent the day watching television.  I was reminded that the last half hour of Armageddon makes me cry.  I also discovered a new show that made me cry, The Locator.  It’s a reality show where this investigator guy helps people find their long-lost loved ones.  I watched a good Hannah Montana and a Wizards of Waverly Place, and a couple of Suite Lifes.  I watched some Golden Girls.  I abandoned my t.v. for awhile and started catching up on Grey’s Anatomy with the online episodes.  (Don’t talk to me about it yet, I still have about four episodes to go!)  Armageddon was on again, so I watched the first half hour or so, until Ben Affleck proposes to Liv Tyler.  I watched the first ten minutes of Bridget Jones and decided I just can’t take the drama today.  I watched the first 45 minutes of the Los Angelos Philharmonic on public television.  (Did you know that Gustavo Dudamel, the director, is my age???)

And I think if I don’t turn my t.v. on again for a week, that would be just fine.

So, I am freshly showered, well-hydrated, and gently fed.  (Freshly showered, so that I can sleep in as late as possible tomorrow morning.)  I’m ready to get back to it tomorrow, and use this rare time of motivation!


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